About - OJO



I am not a leading photographer of anything, neither have I won any awards (well not for my photos – yet?) and nor do I run workshops or lead expensive trips abroad – I just take photographs!

I take photographs because I love the process. I love waiting for the light, the feeling, the moment; the moment when hitting the shutter button will produce something worth looking at, worth printing, something that can be treasured, perhaps even put in a frame!

It is my aim, never to take boring photographs.

Thank you to Tony Ray Jones for this self-imposed rule. As far as I can tell by the number of photo albums in the loft I have been taking photographs all my adult life. The obsession with images, recording land, life and love has gone on more seriously for the last ten years during which time I have taken photos of local people, local landscapes and local love affairs.

Truth be told following the Mayor round the parish trying to get a picture of him eating a bacon butty is beginning to wear thin, so this year I began to broaden my horizons. I went all the way to Ethiopia with my cameras; call it land, life and love, but with more sunshine! My rule of not taking boring photographs means I search for unusual angles, I have an uncanny knack of capturing the essence of a person from an angle of themselves they have not previously met– it’s spooky!